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We can’t ever decide where to go for lunch

pcntl_signal(SIGTERM, "timeIsUp");
$first = true;
while (true) {
    if ($first)
        print "Where do you want to go?\n";
        print "I don't know.  Where do you want to go?\n";
    $first = false;
function timeIsUp($signo) {

Looking for a girlfriend with find

# if you're desparate
find /

# female only
find / -type f

# let's stay local
find /USA -type f

# make sure to stay out of jail
find /USA -type f -ctime +6570

# only someone who's looking
find /USA -type f -ctime +6570 -perm -a=r

# and maybe a little desperate
find /USA -type f -ctime +6570 -perm -a=r -atime +30

# but doesn't look like kate moss
find /USA -type f -ctime +6570 -perm -a=r -atime +30 \
    -size +100M

# or rosie
find /USA -type f -ctime +6570 -perm -a=r -atime +30 \
    -size +100M -size -180M

# and with a little love inside
find /USA -type f -ctime +6570 -perm -a=r -atime +30 \
    -size +120M -size -180M -exec grep -li "love" {} \;